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Web Service Security and Privacy

Today the Web is the main means by which companies and organizations are carrying on their business. The central role that the Web is currently playing in business world has forced many companies to reorganize their businesses by adopting the Web service paradigm. For this reason, we are currently investigating security and privacy issues in Web services. The research activities in this area follow two main directions.

Web Service Composition

The first research direction is related to security issues in Web service composition. Both Web services requestors and providers may have security requirements that must be taken into account when composing Web services. We refer to Web service composition driven by security requirements as security conscious composition. Such constraints must be carefully considered when composing Web services, since they can drive the composition process. A result of our research efforts is the definition of a brokered architecture for composing Web services according to the specified security constraints. Related to Web service composition, we have also investigated the problem of how to enforce a correct and secure deployment of the composition. Typically, a composite Web service provider exposes the workflow description and it is responsible for the centralized execution of the overall process which is described. Our aim is to provide a decentralized mechanism and a related supporting framework according to which the execution of the overall process is not always in charge of a single entity, rather the execution is as much as possible delegated to participating Web services, by, at the same time, ensuring the correctness of the control flow as well as the main security requirements. In particular, our framework ensures that the deployment will be carried on by: (a) following the control fow described in the corresponding WS-BPEL document; (b) effectively executing all operations of the workflow; (c) ensuring that a web service accesses only those information strictly necessary for correctly executing the invoked operations.

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Privacy in Web Service Architecture

Another area of research is related to privacy. We have investigated these issues in Web services discovery agencies in the context of the publish and find Web services paradigm. As a result, we have proposed different technical approaches to tackle the privacy issues of publishing service descriptions at UDDI registries.

Related publications

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