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CP>EEIntegrated Authoring, Annotation, Retrieval, Adaptation, Personalization, and Delivery for Multimedia (2007)
JP>PDFSemantic, Constraint & Preference Based Multimedia Presentation Authoring (2006)
CP>EEA Constraint-based Approach for the Authoring of Multi-topic Multimedia Presentations (2005)
JP>EECiVeDi: A Customized Virtual Environment for Database Interaction (2004)
CP>N/AA Virtual Reality Tour in an Italian Drama Theatre – A Journey between Architecture and History during 19th Century (2004)
CP>EEViRdB: Integrating Virtual Reality and Multimedia Databases for Customized Visualization of Cultural Heritage (2003)
JP>EEA Hierarchical Access Control Model for Video Database Systems (2003)
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